What Our Parents Say

Below are just a few testimonials that we have received from some of the parents of the children at our nursery in Hessle.

Brambley Cottage has been a home from home for Ben and Izzie. They enjoy their fun filled days at Brambley and have no hesitations when we drop them off. When we arrive to collect them they are full of smiles and tell us of the games and people they have played with that day. The staff have always been attentive to their needs and have kept us well informed of the day's events. They take great care in completing their Learning Journeys so that we get a lovely momentum and information regarding their time and progress there.

Throughout Ben's time at Brambley Cottage he has made some great friends and has developed the confidence and social skills he needs to move on to primary school, and it is clear to see that his little sister is following in his footsteps.

Michelle Flower

Zoe has been attending Brambley Cottage for 2 years. The staff are warm, friendly, professional and caring. You can always find a staff member sat on the floor with a child on their knee having a cuddle or a story. The children are kept well occupied with making things, drawing, painting and playing. Using their imagination in a way to aid education. Zoe's social skills and speech have come on so much being with the other children. The food is of a high standard and if Zoe doesn't like what's being served an alternative is always found. Zoe loves going to Brambley Cottage and I am more than happy with the care she receives.

Sue (Zoe's Mum)

Alfie thoroughly enjoys his days at Brambley Cottage and I believe that he has progressed so quickly in terms of his speech and understanding as a result. The staff are all lovely and make me feel confident that he is well looked after whilst I am at work. Alfie talks about Katie all of the time and gets excited to see her in a morning. For a working mum who wants peace of mind and a happy child I could not recommend them enough.

Amanda (Alfie's mum)

When looking for a nursery for my twins Jack & Millie there were some key things I was looking for. Brambley Cottage ticks all the boxes for me. It's home from home with activities daily to challenge and develop the children, home cooked meals with a good range of different foods, lovely facilities and a good daily routine. Jack and Millie thoroughly enjoy their time at nursery and love talking about the nursery nurses!! Who I have to say are lovely!

I look forward to reading about their day in their home to nursery diaries and more importantly receiving their Learning Journeys which have lots of photos and WOW! moments. A great keepsake. Jack and Millie have come on leaps and bounds since joining at 8 months old, and I'm delighted with their progress.

Jack and Millie's Mum ( Katie )

My little boy has been at Brambley Cottage for 17 months now and has enjoyed his time thoroughly. The staff are very helpful and kind and along with the open plan layout (which was something that attracted me to the nursery in the first place) I think the nursery has got a fun atmosphere and really helps to develop all the children.

Xanthe Earl

Brambley Cottage has been our primary childcare provider for the last eight years and has given all three of our children a wonderful early years experience; which my two older ones still remember fondly. In our experience, Brambley Cottage has always been friendly and welcoming and I have confidence, as a parent of a child still at Brambley Cottage, that the nursery will provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment, encouraging my child to grow through play. I have, and would, continue to recommend this nursery to friends seeking a quality childcare provider.


Brambley Cottage makes life easier. Knowing that the boys are in such great hands, that they really enjoy their day and get so much out of nursery, helps me to get through the working day!

Helen, Harry & Charlie's mum