This collection of frequently asked questions provides brief answers to many common questions that we get asked. If you have any more queries, please contact us.

What do I need to bring in my nursery bag?

  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Cream
  • Pants/ change of clothes
  • Hat, gloves, scarf
  • Sun hat & cream
  • Milk - made up in bottles
  • All clearly labelled

Do I need to bring my own cups and spoons?

We have everything your child will need. For our babies we provide sterilised cups, bowls and spoons and for the older children everything is provided as part of their meal and snack times. We also provide freshly laundered bibs, face cloths, sheets & blankets

Should I stay with my child to settle them in?

We realise it's difficult for parents leaving their child, often for the first time. We will work with you to make this transition period as smooth as possible, for both you and your child

Do you have set sleep times?

As every child has individual needs we do not have set periods when the children sleep, we go with your child's needs at the time and your wishes on how long you would like your child to sleep for. Even our pre-school children have quiet time after lunch to recharge their batteries.

What if my child is ill during the day?

If your child is feeling under the weather or taken ill during the day we will do our best to contact you via the information you have provided us with to discuss with you the best course of action, whether that is coming to pick them up or giving them medicine you have signed for. In more serious cases we would seek further medical attention (where permission had been given) and contact you as soon as possible. We also have a policy of contacting parents if their child bumps their head, no matter how small. We endeavour to maintain the highest standard of care for your child at all times.

Will my child go hungry if they don't like the lunch?

If your child does not like the lunch provided on a particular day we will always do our best to offer a suitable alternative so the children are still getting the nutrition value they need.