News & Events

Brambley Cottage has an annual Event Plan which can encompass a wide range of activities through the celebration of various cultures such as Chinese New Year, Easter, Diwali etc. to our Summer Fun Day, Toddle Waddle, Pyjama Day to our much anticipated Hello World! where we welcome the arrival of our duck eggs and frogspawn which we watch hatch into fluffy little ducklings and frogs respectively!

We also have various outings that the children can go on. These are age appropriate and can vary widely from a 'bug hunt' down the nearby bridle path to a trip to Honeysuckle Farm to a visit to a nearby sensory room for the babies. Copies of our Event Plan are available at Brambley Cottage.

Brambley Birthday Parties

Our Brambley Birthday parties are hugely popular! We can host a party for you and let your child jump and dance and sing with their friends in a familiar environment. We provide all the food, cake and party games your child needs for a great party and we can take lots of photos too so that you can capture their special day.

The Brambley 'Snapper'

Twice a year we have a visit from our photographer. October sees them photographing each child individually (or together if they are siblings) and they return in July for our 'End of Year' photo-shoot where they capture the children with their 'room-mates'. Lovely keepsakes!